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My name is Elena, and I am a Track and Field athlete, 23 years old. I have done Track and Field since I am 4 years old and mainly focus on the 400 hurdles now. I ran for the University of South Carolina and represented Germany at the World U 18 Championships and U20 European Championships. I finished my Bachelors’s in biochemistry and am about to complete my Master’s in Biomedical Science. But all these factors are not what I am going to focus on.

With that blog, I want to share my essential experiences as an athlete. But more importantly, I want to get further and say why these experiences made me who I am today and what I learned from all these experiences. You can expect honest texts where I write down what’s on my mind and want to share with an audience (hopefully).

Because yes, I am an athlete, but I am not just an athlete; I am more than that. Firstly I am human, Elena, and I DO Track and Field.

So who am I? Besides doing the 400 hurdles, I am passionate about mental health, nutrition, and sports physiology. My post will dig deep into these areas and be about other areas if I feel like sharing something outside of these fields!

I would describe myself as a caring, empathetic person who wants to help people that need and want it. I experienced lows and highs as an athlete, and I learned from both. Some things took longer to understand, and others faster. However, I want to share my experiences, especially those I learned the hard way, so others might not have to go through them themselves.

I also hope to connect with my readers and am excited to learn more about you!

To finish that post, I share my thoughts. I don’t know if anyone will read that post and where that blog is going. Writing a blog might isn’t precisely what MOST people will read. Still, I am passionate about learning more about people (I love ready autobiographies of athletes!), and I have a lot to say, so I rather have a small audience that listens than a bigger one with something where I am not myself (Like TikTok videos).


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