From Swimming in the Cold to Running

In this section, I’d like to share a heartwarming experience from my journey in Track and Field. Amidst countless remarkable moments, it’s challenging to decide where to start. So, I’ve chosen to begin with the very beginning—MY start.

From a young age, I had an insatiable desire to move. Whether doing gymnastics in the living room, running around the house, or jumping in the garden, I was always on the go. Luckily, my grandparents lived close to my parents, so I spent many afternoons at their house. However, my grandparents didn’t quite match my boundless energy levels (what a surprise?). So, in the summer, when I was just four years old, we enrolled in a swimming class near my grandparents.

That summer was freezing, and I remember shedding many tears in the water. But what motivated me to endure the classes was the promise of a break—a chance to leave the pool and run around it to get warm again. I eagerly looked forward to getting out and running around the pool each time I was in the water. Little did I know that these small moments laid the foundation for my future in athletics.

The following steps seemed almost predestined; even my swimming teacher recognized it. He suggested that I should join a Track club. Grateful for the idea of his energetic grandkid finding another outlet, my grandpa wholeheartedly supported my decision. At age 4, alongside my older brother, I entered the world of Track and Field. Okay, at that time, it was a regular gym, but still a Track Club!

Admittedly, as the youngest one in the group, I wasn’t entirely prepared to keep up with kids three years older. Yet, the coaches were incredibly kind and understanding. They held my hand through half the time while I bravely tried to keep up with the rest during the other half. Once I overcame my shyness, I fell in love with Track and Field. We played games, and I even discovered the joy of jumping into a sand pit.

And so I officially joined the Track club. My grandpa played a significant role in my initial enrollment, and his impact on my journey extended even further. Without him, I would have never been able to spend countless hours on the Track. He was my unwavering support and my constant companion on this beautiful journey.

I plan to share more about my experiences on the international stage and my adventure of pursuing my Masters in the United States as a German athlete. What kind of stories are you interested in? I am excited to hear from you and continue this incredible journey together!

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