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To stay motivated daily and put in the hard work, even on days when motivation is lacking or when I don’t feel great, I need a strong WHY. The more significant my WHY is for myself, the easier it becomes to work without feeling burdened. A powerful reason behind my actions keeps me accountable and makes the process smoother. That’s why figuring out and working towards my WHY is essential for achieving my goals. Goals without a strong reason behind them are much more challenging than those driven by a clear WHY.
Figuring out my WHY can be straightforward, but it takes a lot of work. It requires taking the time to explore and question my motivations to uncover the real WHY.
So, why have I been doing Track and Field for almost 20 years? Why do I persist through long periods of injuries and other challenging times without giving up? Why do I embrace something that can cause me so much pain when it doesn’t work out how I want it to (which happens quite often)? Track and Field has been the most demanding and rewarding experience in my life, emotionally and physically. The moments of joy and fun it brings are incomparable. In sports, love, and pain are so closely intertwined.
What keeps me thriving and pushing forward? I ask myself this question, especially during times like this, when I’m injured and battling numerous negative feelings.
My WHY has evolved over time. As a kid, I had no intentions of running around the track; it was all about having FUN. And fun is still a significant part of my WHY. Running brings me joy, love, and fun, whether training, working towards a goal, competing, or spending time with others with the same passion.
Besides the fun aspect, I am naturally competitive and love challenging myself and others. Growing up with an older brother, I was physically challenged early on and strived to keep up with him. Practicing until I mastered a skill better than my brother or others around me became second nature. Thanks to that competitive spirit (thanks, brother!), participating in sports was a natural progression. I had a lot of energy as a kid, and my parents were grateful that my grandpa took me to the Track and Field club near his house. That’s where it all began—I simply loved running.
As I started winning meets and experienced some success, my talents motivated me to keep going. With some level of success, it can be easier to maintain the drive.
Nowadays, these motivations still keep me going, and I love working towards becoming the best version of myself. Representing Germany at 15 and 17 years old showed me what I want to experience more of. Because of those early successes and a voice in my head (as cheesy as it sounds), I have more potential and can achieve even greater things.
Another significant part of my WHY, and a reason for creating this blog, is that I want to give something to others. I aim to inspire at least one person to persevere and work towards their goals. I’ve already learned a lot through my sport and can share those lessons with others. I used to think I’d start a blog once I was successful, but now I want to share my journey toward success (hopefully) and give something back.
That’s why I keep going. I am still determining when my time will come, but I’ll keep moving forward until I can.

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