First, I don’t truly regret anything I’ve done, as I’ve learned from every experience. Even though some moments weren’t pleasant at the time, I’ve grown from each one, shaping me into the person I am today.
However, if I had to pinpoint a regret, it would be not fully living in the moment. Not enjoying where I am without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Being content with what I am doing right now and cherishing the present.
As I wrote the post “My Track Journey,” I realized that as I grew older, I began to worry more about what came next and how my performance might not achieve my expectation. I struggled with race anxiety and shed tears after many races because I wanted to achieve more. Looking back at competitions, I remember more instances where I wasn’t happy or satisfied rather than those where I was just full of peace. But in sports, it’s normal for only some competitions to be perfect; having one perfect competition is highly unlikely. That challenge, however, makes sports beautiful – there’s always room for improvement, something to work on, and you always stay energized.
That said, learning to find contentment in imperfect races and embracing the process is crucial. It’s something you often hear, and I wholeheartedly agree. Be present and content with where you are. As I mentioned, growth comes from everything, and you often learn more from challenging experiences than positive ones. Looking back, I regret not thoroughly enjoying the process, as my worries and anxieties overshadowed the joyous memories.
One particular example of how I learned that is my first year in the US as a D1 athlete in the NCAA. I put tremendous pressure on myself to perform, which stole much of my joy. I convinced myself that I’d focus on enjoying the team and traveling more the following year, also my last year. Unfortunately, I remained trapped in anxiety and self-imposed pressure, failing to truly live in the moment. Now, I realize there won’t be another year, and if I have any regrets, I didn’t relish it from the start.
My goal is to embrace the journey ahead, create memorable moments, and look back with smiles, laughter, and happiness. I know there will be tears and moments of desperation along the way, but they shouldn’t define my overall experience.
Living in the present, savoring the moment, and creating cherished memories should be the focus. You never know when it might be the last time, so live it like it is!

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